About Bardolino

Located on the eastern shores of Lake Garda at the foot of orchard covered rolling hills with olive groves and vineyards, Bardolino is renowned for its beautiful scenery, rich cultural heritage and outstanding cuisine, making it a popular destination for travellers from around the world.

Visitors to Bardolino can stroll along the town’s enchanting lakefront promenade, soaking up the stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains. Bardolino’s attractive and lively traffic-free centre ‘Centro storico’ boasts medieval architecture and pastel-coloured houses, while the winding cobbled alleys lead to a picturesque harbour area surrounded by an abundance of bars, traditional restaurants, pizzeria’s and quaint shops.

Situated in the heart of the Bardolino wine region, the town is known for producing some of the best wines in Italy.

The town’s main square area, dominated by San Severo’s church, is the place where you can relax, watch the world go by and enjoy a glass of the excellent locally produced wine in one of the terraced cafés.

The locals are very proud of Bardolino’s food and wine heritage, so there are plenty of restaurants that offer a selection of wines as well as delicious regional dishes, such as risotto with lake fish, homemade pasta, and freshly caught grilled lake fish.

With its combination of a relaxing break and unique experiences, both for the eye and the palate, Bardolino showcases authentic Italian lifestyle. 

  • Bardolino market: every Thursday from 8am – 2pm in the old town / ‘Centro storico’
  • 9th century Romanesque stone church of San Zeno is one of the most prominent Carolingian dynasty churches
  • Enjoy a scenic walk along the lakeside promenade / ‘Rivalunga’ to Garda town (approx. 2km each way)
  • Embark on the ‘Strada del Bardolino’ to enjoy the stunning countryside while taking in wineries, olive oil productions and local delicacies on the way (Note – own transport required, or click here__for organised tours)
  • Musical events, exhibitions, processions, festivals and local celebrations, boat Palios – and more
  • Church mass or visit to San Severo church with its neoclassical façade, stunning frescoes and architecture
  • Olive Oil Museum – Cisano and Wine Museum – Costabella
  • Playground behind the church of San Severo
  • Cycle south towards Laziseor north to Garda town, with rest stops on-route
  • Minigolf Bardolino plus trampolines and inflatable slides 

Swing Bardolino – Via Mameli 7

Da Ruggerino Beach – Riva Cornicello 5

Cafè Italia – Piazza Principe Amedeo 2

Caffè Riviera Gelateria – Lungolago Marconi 12

Speck Stube Bardolino
– Via Croce 1

Ristorante Casanova – Via Mameli 16

Le Palafitte – Via Santa Cristina 36

Public beaches – small public pebble beaches along the promenade between Bardolino and Garda

Lido di Cisano – small public pebble beach with a large lawn area surrounded by pine trees and a playground area along the promenade from the South of Bardolino to Cisano. There is a bar service, toilets and sunbeds.

Spiaggia Punta CornicelloPebble beach popular at sunset, with a bar serving aperitifs & snacks, plus a Ferris wheel nearby.

Lido Mirabello – a private pebble beach and grass areas south of Bardolino with a bar and restaurant. Pedalos to hire or relax on a sun lounger.

Lido Holiday Beach – a private beach area with beach type events during the day and music in the evening

Other than an important mean of local transport, many visitors use Navigarda boat services as a fun and inexpensive way to take in the stunning lake scenery and to explore the lake side towns.

  • Ferry departure is from Bardolino port harbour, in Piazza Principe Amadeo
  • The company that operates the service is NAVIGARDA, and the routes connect all major towns on lake Garda
  • Some services are passenger-only and some services are car ferries
  • Tickets can be bought at the Navigarda kiosk at Bardolino port
  • Concierge tip: if you are travelling out and returning: purchase 2 tickets per person (1 for each way)
  • The main bus stop in Bardolino (Bardolino Autostazione A) across the road from the Speckstube restaurant
  • There are other Bardolino bus stops along the Gardesana SS240 main road
  • The company that operates the bus service is ATV Verona
  • The bus/route numbers to look out for are: 162, 163, 164
  • FERIALE LUN-SAB = Weekdays (incl. Saturday) Monday-Saturday
  • FESTIVO = Sundays, Bank and National holidays
  • Tickets can be bought at most Tabacchi shops (look out for the T sign outside the shop
  • Concierge tip 1 : if you are travelling out and returning: purchase 2 tickets per person (1 for each way)

Concierge tip 2:  once you’re on board the bus, don’t forget to stamp your bus ticket by using the machine

There are several parking areas in and around Bardolino.

  • Look out for the parking (P) sign
  • Parking prices are from €2.00 -€ 4.00 per hour, depending on the proximity to Bardolino
  • There are also free parking areas, look out for the  sign
  • This particular sign allows a maximum 90min stay between 8:30 and 19:00 (8:30am – 7pm)
  • If you haven’t got an Italian “disco orario” (parking disc) leave a note on the dashboard clearly indicating the time when you parked the vehicle
  • Concierge alert: the centre of Bardolino is a Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL) monitored by cameras that control access. Drivers who enter the town centre without a permit risk a fine – which will follow the offender home too.