About Lazise

Lazise is a quaint medieval town on the eastern shore of Lake Garda. The town’s history can be traced back to the 10th century when it was part of the Sacred Roman Empire. During the 13th and 14th centuries Lazise was ruled by the Scaligero family from Verona, who built the beautiful castle and established Lazise as a major port on Lake Garda.

Nowadays, Lazise is a popular destination that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and rich history. Discover the traffic-free old town with its winding streets, arcaded custom house and ancient city walls with many towers and gatehouses that once protected the town from invaders. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll along the picturesque lakefront and admire the stunning views of the lake and surrounding hills.

The town’s picturesque waterfront is also a hub of activity and a vibrant culinary scene, with a range of dining options to suit every taste and budget. The streets are lined with quaint cafes and gelaterias ideal for relaxing and watching the world go by, while sipping fresh Italian coffee and sampling delicious pastries and ice creams. Enjoy a glass of wine or an aperitivo at any time, or before going out to pizzerias or elegant restaurants offering gourmet cuisine and fine wine.


For those who enjoy shopping, the town has a selection of shops selling everything from souvenirs and local artisan craftwork to boutiques with high-end fashion apparel.


With its stunning lakefront location and historic landmarks, Lazise is the perfect destination for anyone looking to experience the best of Italian culture and cuisine in one of the country’s most stunning destinations.

  • Stroll along the lakefront and soak up the breath-taking views of the lake and surrounding hills
  • Walk or cycle to north to Bardolino, with resting points on-route (approx. 6km or 60-90min by foot each way) or south to Pacengo and onto Peschiera
  • Wednesday market from 08:00 – 14:00 (8am -2pm) fills the main piazza and port area with stands
  • Porticciolo and the ancient Dogana Veneta with its 4th-century Church of San Nicolò, with its stunning frescoes and architecture
  • 10th century medieval Scaligero castle offering panoramic views of the lake and surrounding countryside.
  • Enjoy outdoor activities, including hiking, cycling, and water sports
  • Have an aperitif in one of the charming small bars near the picturesque Portovecchio
  • Theme Parkss ,Gardaland, Canevaworld and Movieland
  • Parco Zoo Natura with Safari tour
  • Parco Termale Villa dei Cedri – Cola’

Kuyaba Beach Bar  – dietro Campeggio Municipale – Lungolago

Bar Gelateria Al Porto – Lungolago Marconi 2

Caffè Riviera Gelateria – Lungolago Marconi 12


Pizzeria Cordonega – Piazzetta Cordonega

Ristorante Gio & Max – Piazza Vittorio Emanuele

Pizzeria Centrale – Piazza Vittorio Emanuele

Spiaggia delle Rose – free public pebble beach with a small stone jetty close to the centre of Lazise

Spiaggia Lazise – sandy beach, almost 1km long, located in La Marra just outside the historic centre (it is accessed from Via Pra del Principle – where there is also a car park). Charges apply in places.

Spiaggia d’Oro – One of the best beaches in the area with facilities belonging to the campsite. Charges apply.

Spiaggia La Quercia – a sandy beach located to the north of Lazise belonging to the Camping La Querica and for non-campsite residents it can only be reached by foot passing along the lakefront. 

Spiaggia Porto Pacengo – located at the end of Via Porto with an area of grass and small pebbles. From here you can walk along the lakefront to Peschiera or Lazise. If you continue north from Spiaggia Porto Pacengo then you will get to Spiaggia La Guglia Pacengo – a sandy beach with sunbeds and sunshades to rent. Or continue south, to Spiaggia La Bosca Pacengo, where you will find shaded parking and a free pebble beach.

Spiaggia Fossalta – continue north from Porto Pacengo beach and there is a beach with sand and small pebbles.

Other than an important mean of local transport, many visitors use Navigarda boat services as a fun and inexpensive way to take in the stunning lake scenery and to explore the lake side towns.

  • Ferry departure is from Lazise ferry terminal, via Franceso Fontana
  • The company that operates the service is NAVIGARDA, and the routes connect all major towns on lake Garda
  • Some services are passenger-only and some services are car ferries
  • Tickets can be bought on the same at the Navigarda kiosk at Lazise ferry terminal
  • Concierge tip 1: if you are travelling out and returning: purchase 2 tickets per person (1 per way)
  • The main bus stops in Lazise can be found along the Gardesana SS240 main lake road
  • The company that operates the bus service is ATV Verona
  • The bus/route numbers to look out for are: 162, 163, 164, 165
  • FERIALE LUN-SAB = Weekdays (incl. Saturday) Monday-Saturday
  • FESTIVO  = Sundays, Bank and National holidays
  • Tickets can be bought at most Tabacchi shops (look out for the T sign outside the shop
  • Concierge tip 1 : if you are travelling out and returning: purchase 2 tickets per person (1 per way)
  • Concierge tip 2: once you’re on board the bus, don’t forget to stamp your ticket in the machine

There are several parking areas in and around Lazise

  • Look out for the parking (P) sign
  • Parking prices are from € 1.50 – €4.00 per hour, depending on the proximity to the tow centre.
  • There are also free parking areas, look out for the  sign
  • This particular sign allows a maximum 90min stay between 8:30 and 19:00  (8:30am – 7pm)
  • If you haven’t got an Italian “disco orario” (parking disc) leave a note on the dashboard clearly indicating the time when you parked the vehicle
  • Concierge alert: the centre of Lazise is traffic-free or resident parking only. The centre is monitored by cameras that control access to the centre of town. Drivers who enter the centre without a permit risk a fine – which will follow the offender home.