Hello and Welcome to Ital Concierge, we’re excited to have you here!

They say that the finest wines are the ones that mature over extended periods of time. At Ital Concierge we can certainly agree with the “extended period” bit, as the journey to create our website started… let’s just say “some time” ago….

Continuous perseverance and positive energy have also been woven into the Ital Concierge fabric – so a huge THANK YOU to both the team for their hard work, and to our business partners for their patience.

We would love to think that we are now able to bring useful information and tips to travellers to Lake Garda, together with comfortable Airport Transfers, and fun, well-organised Excursions and Activities. So make yourself at home and explore our web pages. If all journeys start with a single step, we hope that our journey together may have just begun!

We are working on our next blogs with (hopefully!) entertaining stories and facts about Italy, Italian lifestyle, events, food and naturally, the aforementioned wines…

Tell us if there is anything in particular that you would like to read about?

Your Ital Concierge Team