Weather & climate

A body of water the size of Lake Garda alters the local climate making it milder. In the summer, the lake is cooler than the outside air temperature, while in the winter it is warmer. Furthermore, thanks to a complex pattern of lake breezes and winds, it is normally sunnier than expected, thus creating climate conditions like those of the Mediterranean.

The best time to visit Lake Garda weather-wise is from May to September. However, here are other factors that make April/ spring a great month to visit the lake too:

Lake Garda in Spring

The average temperatures are between 15° – 24° C (59° – 75° F).

Clear skies, the scent of freshly blossomed flowers and vibrant wildflowers are signs of a transforming nature that awakens, and which will no doubt leave you enchanted.

Spring is when the gardens and parks around Lake Garda are at their most beautiful.

Events & festivals: springtime often brings cultural events to the towns around Lake Garda, from food and wine festivals to art exhibitions and musical concerts.

Outdoor activities: spring is the ideal season for activities such as walking, hiking, cycling, water sports activities, or simply strolling along the lakeside promenades.

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Towns and villages are less crowded compared to the summer months, allowing visitors to take part in attractions and activities more peacefully around the lake and in the region. Prices for accommodation are also lower.

Wine Tasting: Lake Garda region is known for its vineyards and wineries. Spring is a wonderful time to indulge in wine tasting tours and sample some of the region’s finest wines while enjoying the scenic views of the vine-covered hills. Click Food & Wine

During spring the lake is still not at its warmest, but the mild weather in April and higher temperatures in May and June mean that you can sunbathe and go for a

Lake Garda in Summer

The average temperatures are between 24° – 32° C (75° – 90° F)

Summer in Lake Garda brings warm and sunny weather, making it the perfect time to soak up the sun and enjoy a selection of Excursions by coach. and outdoor activities.

Events & festivals: summer brings a lively atmosphere to the towns around Lake Garda, with numerous cultural events, festivals, and concerts taking place. From musical festivals to food and wine events, there’s always something going on to entertain visitors and immerse them in the local culture and lifestyle.

Outdoors activities: if you wish to relax, sunbathe, take a dip in the lake or enjoy your favourite activities, summer is surely the best time to visit Lake Garda. You can also take part in outdoor activities like hiking or cycling, but bear in mind that the air temperature in Lake Garda in August is quite high. 

Water sports activities: Due to a variety of different winds and breezes that blow on and around the lake, Lake Garda is a paradise for water sport activities at all levels of experience. Along the shores with crystal-clear waters, you will find numerous designated spots, clubs and schools where to learn and/or practice sailing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, water-skiing and kayaking. Please contact us for more information here , or if you wish to take part in organised activities please click on Activities

Scenic boat tours: summer is an excellent season when to enjoy a boat tour of Lake Garda. Either hop on a ferry, or join in on organised Excursions by boat to explore the lake’s charming towns, historic landmarks and scenic viewpoints. Sunset cruises are particularly popular, offering breath-taking views as the sun dips below the horizon.

Mountain activities: Lake Garda’s surrounding mountains offer plenty of walking, hiking and cycling opportunities. There are numerous trails and paths that cater to all skill levels, providing stunning views of the lake and the surrounding landscape.

Vineyard Tours and Wine Tasting: The region is home to many vineyards and wineries, which you can visit on Food & Wine guided tours, learn about winemaking processes, and sample a variety of wines.

Lake Garda in Autumn

The average temperatures are between 10° – 20° C (50° – 68° F)

As the leaves begin to change colour, the hillsides surrounding the lake are painted in vibrant hues of red, orange, and yellow, creating a breathtaking backdrop and reflecting beautifully on the tranquil waters of the lake, making it an ideal time for enchanting experiences and photography enthusiasts.

Mild weather: with cooler mornings and evenings, and pleasantly warm afternoons, autumn brings milder temperatures to the region, however this does not mean that Lake Garda loses its appeal.

Outdoor activities: autumn provides an ideal climate for walking, hiking, cycling, and exploring the charming towns, vineyards, olive groves, chestnut forests and nature trains, offering stunning views of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

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Wine tours, festivals and harvesting it is the time of the year when the grapes are harvested in vineyards surrounding the lake, and wine festivals are organized in early October. Visitors can participate in grape harvesting, learn about the winemaking and indulge in wine tasting sessions to sample the new vintages, click on Food & Wine.

Cultural events: Lake Garda hosts various cultural events and festivals during the autumn months. From food and wine festivals celebrating local cuisine to music concerts and art exhibitions, there are plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Quieter atmosphere: autumn sees fewer tourists compared to summer, allowing visitors to enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere. It’s a great time to explore the villages and towns around the lake without the crowds, accommodation prices are lower too,

Lake Garda in Winter

The average temperatures are between 5° – 15° C (41° – 59° F)

Winters on Lake Garda are not too harsh, however it is definitely a magical time of year. During February, the temperature starts rising, so you can begin to plan your outdoor activities again. 

Scenic Beauty: the surrounding mountains are often dusted with snow, creating a picturesque backdrop for the tranquil waters of the lake. The crisp winter air adds a magical touch to the landscape.

Peace and quiet: winters see fewer tourists, allowing visitors to enjoy a more peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. It is an ideal time for those seeking solitude and tranquillity amidst the serene surroundings of the lake and its charming towns.

Outdoor activities: While swimming and water sports may not be as popular in the winter, visitors can enjoy scenic walks along the lakeshore, hiking in the surrounding hills and mountains, or even skiing and snowboarding in nearby ski resorts.

Christmas markets: Many towns around Lake Garda host charming Christmas markets during the holiday season, where visitors can browse stalls selling local crafts, artisanal products, and delicious seasonal treats. These markets add a festive atmosphere to the region and are perfect for finding unique gifts and souvenirs.

Skiing and snowboarding: stay on Lake Garda and take advantage of the nearby ski resorts such as Monte Baldo, Madonna di Campiglio and Folgaria, all easily accessible and offer excellent slopes for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports.

Overall, winter in Lake Garda offers a peaceful retreat amidst stunning scenery, with opportunities for outdoor activities, cultural experiences, and relaxation.